Hiya! I'm Aco /a-kou/
Digital & brand designer
#Life centred design

● Delving into the design field since 2015

Brand Design | UIUX | Motion Design | Strategy

With 6+ years of global experience in leveraging Strategy, Design and Digital systems for brands and products.

Collaborating with a diverse industries of B2B and B2C teams from Taiwan, Berlin, Japan, and the UK.

Designer • Mentor • Florist

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● How I work

Understanding the problem has always been at the forefront of my process.

I believe the effective communication and understanding in this stage will lead to outstanding outcomes.

Strategy Design

Client perspectives often differ; some have clear needs, others less so.
Regardless, I consistently seek their goals and strive to comprehend the possible solutions to their concerns.

Review Iteration

At this stage, after delivering the design, reviews and feedback play a key role in the project's success, enabling us to refine and necessary iterations can be undertaken until we reach the optimal solution.