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Spring 2023, UK

CybrHub - Brand visual identity Design

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Feb - April 2023


Brand & UI/UX Designer


Brand design & strategy
Visual design
Brand Guideline


After Effect
CyberHub empowers businesses and organisations with essential knowledge training and advanced tools to counter cyber threats, risk monitoring, and detection solutions effectively
● Challenges
The necessity for revising the brand guidelines and identity arises due to a disruption in CyberHub brand's visual consistency.
Additionally, the diverse objectives associated with the marketing strategies appear to conflict with one another at times.
In the absence of a consistent brand strategy, the marketing team chose to use various contemporary tones and messages to attract and retain users, with the aim of achieving their optimal return on investment (OKR).

Regrettably, this led to a significant decline in CyberHub's brand positioning, detrimentally influencing users' perceptions and experiences with the brand and platform.
● Objective
We aim to refresh CyberHub's visual brand identity to enhance its usability, flexibility, and scalability. Additionally, this update will ensure a consistent visual language is maintained across all user’s interactions.
Ensure visual consistency
Optimise flexibility
Enhance workflow efficiency
Improve Scalability
● Phase

1. Find

Identified the current issues

2. Empathy

Addressed the issues concerning the marketing team and clarified the expectations of the stakeholders

3. Research & Define

Conducted research and achieved consensus through collaborative discussion during the workshop

4. Ideate

Brainstormed potential designs and held a vote to determine whether the refreshed appearance would address the issues of communication and brand visual consistency

5. Prototype

Refreshed the brand guidelines, design system, and associated assets

6. Develop

Implemented across all platforms

● Positioning the brand value
The 4 core values for CyberHub: Empower, Trust, Innovation, Sustainability
For attaining a mutual understanding, we organised a workshop that invited key stakeholders to share ideas and align their expectations. We centred our attention on four distinct user behaviours, brainstormed corresponding values, and matched them with each user category. This strategy allowed us to establish CyberHub as an essential hub for increasing their awareness about cyber-related issues.

Scenario 1

Security Training Managers

Scenario 2

Company Executives

Scenario 3

IT and Cyber Security Professionals

Scenario 4

Employees Undergoing Training

● Logo
Applied with the new logo, we've reconfigured the app icon to project a more transparent and unique brand identity to the users.
Mark Construction
Clear Space
Clear Space
Colour variant
Partner lockups
● App icon
Influenced by our new logo, we've reconfigured our app icon to project a clearer brand identity to the users.
● Colour palette
In choosing the primary colour palette, we've selected dark green, blue, yellow, and cream.
Dark green is chosen as a representation of sustainability, reflecting our strong commitment towards environmental responsibility. Blue is retained as the primary colour due to its connotations of trustworthiness, reliability, and engagement, establishing a reliable foundation for our visual identity. Lastly, yellow is selected for its embodiment of empowerment and innovation, showcasing our dedication to these core values.
● Typography
The choice of font style is pivotal in the success of a design. To align with the brand style, we've chosen 'Innter' as the font family for CybrHub.
● Layout
● App icon
● Usage & Merch
● Reflect & take away

The process of updating CybrHub's brand identity extends beyond just completing a task or conducting a dialogue. This initiative provided the team with an opportunity to express CybrHub's fundamental principles more clearly, both to their users and within their team. It represents a vehicle for conveying their brand's ethos to our internal stakeholders.

As we navigated this project and its resultant outcomes, we devised methods to address misunderstandings and harmonise perspectives. After the branding project, I took the lead in instituting design systems on all platforms, including the design of the SAAS platform.